IMG_2487Amsterdam is a vital city that is full of life, history and energy. To many travelers it is a temporary city for a layover connection to other parts of the world, but we are discovering that this city is worth visiting. The Dutch culinary scene is creative and more ethnic than I had expected. Indonesian, Chinese, Thai, and traditional Dutch restaurants occupy the busy bike-filled streets. Holland is known for its herring sandwiches, cheese, french fries, and pancakes, but I was searching for more than ethnic treasures. Our first dining adventure was to Restaurant De Kas. Chef Bas Wiegel shared his kitchen and passion for locally grown vegetables and fruits. Highly recommended, this restauant/reconstructed greenhouse dating back to 1926 is dramatic with its high glass ceilings and beautiful nursery attached. Upon entering we were greeted with a display of beautiful tomatoes that looked freshly picked from the gardens on-site.
Each dish was delightfully displayed with locally grown edible flowers and herbs full of color and flavor. IMG_2482
When asked about the unique flavor of a fennel garnish that perked up your taste buds, Chef Bas shared the secret of how his mom had made something similar when he was young that included dipping the fresh fronds of fennel in a mixture that included sugar and baking soda for a twist of tingling flavor on your tongue.

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