About Me

My name is Lyn Froehlich and I live in Georgia.  I grew up in the Great Lakes State of Michigan where sweet cherry stands line the roads in the summer.  My dad taught us to spit the pits from the back seat of our Buick Skylark convertible as we drove down the road.  I still enjoy sweet ripe cherries, but prefer to spit the pits more modestly, probably because I am a grown up now with a husband and children and two dogs.

With a Masters of Art in Teaching and participating in cooking classes around the globe, I thrive on writing, reading and learning. This blog is a way to combine those ambitions and experiences with my love of food.  Most  days I have a burning desire to write and cook, particularly when the vegetables and blueberries are in and the peaches are ripe.

Cookbooks have filled my kitchen shelves and lately spilled over into other shelves throughout our home. I read cookbooks like they are novels revealing a French meal on the Chattanooga Choo Choo twenty years ago or Deborah Madison’s Greens when vegetarian was a new concept in cooking.  Inspired by chef Anne Quatrano’s cooking class at local Serenbe Farms and learning how to make homemade pasta in Florence and Hoi An pancakes in Vietnam, I have an insatiable desire to experiment with fresh ingredients, to tweak trusty old recipes with new twists of flavor and spices.  Meatless meals are the preference in our home and we are definitely labeled locavores (one who eats foods grown locally).  However, sweets often call my name and I delight in experimenting with fruit, dark chocolate and local honey.


Why the name Sweeter Roots?

It’s about connecting to our Creator and cultivating culinary delights.  It’s a longing to reflect on earlier generations who planted, harvested and prepared flavorful root vegetables to accompany family stories.  It is an honor to grace a table with food and nourishment that is grown from the land you live on or near.

For me, cooking is a creative expression of love and grace.

This blog will share my culinary journey from home, cooking classes and travels to other cultures. Please join me in celebrating seasonal food, spices and the sweeter roots of family and friends gathered at the kitchen table.